Helping employers with the recruitment process

When it comes to hiring staff there is so much at stake that it can feel a little daunting to know how to go about it and get the right result.

Our years of experience in hiring staff and running recruitment processes mean that we can help you to get the best result possible, whether it’s taking care of the entire process for you or simply acting as a sounding board or providing an independent view to give you confidence in your decision.

Interview questions

Asking the right questions at an interview will improve your chances of employing the best person for your team. Staff recruitment is time consuming and it’s critical to get it right. Many employers tell us that although the person they interviewed said they could do all the things required for the job, in reality that wasn’t the case. We can save you time and help you improve the quality of your staff recruitment process. We can provide interview questions that will help you find out as much as possible about somebody before you hire them.

Job advertisements

In a competitive job market it’s important that your recruitment strategy works well for you, starting with a job advertisement that will attract the right people.

There are many decisions to make as you start a staff recruitment process – where to advertise, how to make your job appeal to the right people, should you use your business name, should you advertise the salary? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to these questions. Our team can guide you to the answers on these questions and help get your staff recruitment process off to a good start.

Job descriptions

Job descriptions can be used for recruitment, job sizing, performance management, career planning and to help describe the relationships and connections between jobs. When you need to be involved in a performance management process or it’s time to send out an offer of employment, a job description will be a critical document. Whether you have no job descriptions, out-of-date job descriptions, or are just not sure whether your job descriptions are really useful, our team have the experience to solve your problem and create a document that’s fit for purpose for your business.

Offer letters

Making an offer of employment to somebody is a big step and not only are there legal obligations you need to meet but there are also some effective ways to make sure you and your new employee start off on the right foot. Providing a letter of offer can be a good way to do this. If you are about to embark on a staff recruitment process or you have already found your perfect new employee and need advice on the offer of employment process, our team can help by advising on the pros and cons of including a letter of offer and we can prepare the letter for you to accompany an employment agreement.

Reference checks

When you have found your ideal new employee, your instinct tells you that they will be great and you want them to start as soon as possible, it’s tempting to just go ahead and make the offer of employment. Our advice is to always do reference checks. Our team can help with ideas on how to do reference checks, how to get good quality reference checks, and whether or not you should rely on your own networks or information from social media. We can also do reference checking on your behalf.

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