Andy Bell

Andy Bell –
Partner at Lane Neave

Andy Bell is a seasoned lawyer with over 20 years of experience in New Zealand law, known for his exceptional representation and nuanced negotiation skills. Andy Bell is a skilled advocate who balances tenacity and diplomacy to achieve the best possible outcomes for his clients.

Acknowledged by the respected Legal 500 Asia Pacific, Andy Bell’s expertise is recognised within the industry, further emphasising his commitment to providing high-quality representation and advice to his clients

Andy Bell’s areas of expertise are in employment law and relationship property. In the field of employment law, he represents both employers and employees in disputes and negotiations. Andy has extensive experience in providing legal advice on employment agreements, disciplinary procedures, and restructuring. His nuanced negotiation skills and tenacity allow him to effectively represent his clients’ interests in any employment matter.

In the area of relationship property, Andy advises clients on their legal rights and obligations concerning property division He has represented clients in a wide range of relationship property matters, from prenuptial agreements to complex divorce settlements. Andy’s approachable demeanor and extensive legal knowledge enable him to guide clients through these emotionally charged matters with ease, ensuring that they achieve the best possible outcome.

In 2021, Andy made a strategic move by merging his successful boutique firm, Bell and Co, with the highly-regarded national firm, Lane Neave. As a partner at Lane Neave, Andy has not only broadened the range of resources and support available to clients, but also tapped into the expertise of a diverse team of legal professionals.

The merger between Bell and Co and Lane Neave provides clients in New Zealand with a unique advantage by combining personalised services with extensive legal resources. With Andy Bell’s expertise in employment law and relationship property, combined with Lane Neave’s diverse team of legal professionals, clients can receive effective legal solutions tailored to their needs. Whether you’re dealing with a complex dispute or a sensitive family matter, the partnership offers expert advice and guidance on a comprehensive range of legal matters. Trust us to offer you high-quality service, guidance, and representation for your legal matters.


Managing an employment dispute can be difficult and also emotional. We are experts in negotiating resolutions. It is what we do every day. We understand all facets of resolving workplace bullying behaviours, negotiating redundancy and resisting unfair performance management.

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For an employer in business, employment issues can be time consuming and the procedures frustrating. Problems can take up far too much time when you need to actually run your business. We know what it takes to be in business. Let us get you moving forward again.

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Relationship & family

Family law and relationship property issues are extremely sensitive for everyone involved. Our clients tell us that our level of care, concern and support when they have family law problems has been second to none at a time when they’re feeling most vulnerable.

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