Bell & Co is a boutique dispute resolution firm, with significant expertise in employment law, family law and civil disputes. The merger with Lane Neave creates greater depth and access to knowledge and expertise.

Lane Neave is regarded as having one of New Zealand’s leading employment and workplace law teams.

Bell & Co has gone from strength to strength, amassing specialist and unique legal knowledge from our work with senior employees in the Wellington environment. Our reputation as quality advocates leads to strong negotiated outcomes in personal grievance matters, exit negotiations and redundancy and restructure consultations.

Lane Neave’s focus on personal service and relationships makes it a natural partner.

We have significant employment law expertise, and we solve family disputes about property on separation and divorce.

For our business clients, we do what business needs most – we make ourselves available quickly to resolve the emergencies that arise. We instigate robust disciplinary investigations and procedures and get to a resolution quickly. We also have significant experience in restructuring and assisting employers managing change in their business.


Employment Law- Employee

Managing an employment dispute can be difficult and also emotional. We are experts in negotiating resolutions. It is what we do every day. We understand all facets of resolving workplace bullying behaviours, negotiating redundancy and resisting unfair performance management.

Employment Law- Employer

For an employer in business, employment issues can be time consuming and the procedures frustrating. Problems can take up far too much time when you need to actually run your business. We know what it takes to be in business. Let us get you moving forward again.

Family Law

Family law and relationship property issues are extremely sensitive for everyone involved. Our clients tell us that our level of care, concern and support when they have family law problems has been second to none at a time when they’re feeling most vulnerable.

Disputes & Civil Litigation

Most disputes can be solved with skilful negotiation or mediation – and we prefer it this way. It’s faster, cheaper and takes less toll on you emotionally. We are capable courtroom advocates and specialise in recovery of unpaid debts through the use of summary judgment.

  •  Davey Hughes, CEO
    Bell & Co are a great law firm to work with, they are good people who give good advice, and guide me through the process in a way that's personable and easy to understand. It’s their job to protect me as a client and they do it very well, even if that means protecting me from myself! Bell & Co are honest, they have high integrity, and actually see clients as people. With Bell & Co it’s not just the solution you’re paying for, it’s how much stress they are taking away and the reality is, you can’t put a price on that.
    Davey Hughes, CEO
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  • Chris Hovelle
    Working with Bell & Co has been great, they have a solid track record, they’re personable and get things done. They were personally recommended to us as the experts in Wellington for employment law and didn’t disappoint. I had confidence in them from the beginning as they knew everything, and most of it they knew off the top of their head. Personality, profile, approachability, entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability are all things that give Bell & Co a competitive edge over other firms. Bell & Co was bang on the money, they were always available, just a text away, and that’s a rare trait with lawyers.
    Chris Hovelle
    Senior Executive Client
  • Rob Wheeler, General Manager
    I know I get the best possible result every time with Bell & Co. I find lawyers can be very clinical and robotic but Bell & Co provide much more than what you’d expect from a law firm. I really like them as people which makes doing business with them a pleasure. When I first met them I knew they were nice people, then I saw them in action and they were outstanding. Their ability to grasp every detail is amazing, I’ll mention something small and 3 weeks later they bring it up. They’re always available and I have every confidence in what they’re doing. Bell & Co are great value for the level of service they provide. I can be quite a critical person, but I am satisfied with every aspect of the service Bell & Co provide.
    Rob Wheeler, General Manager
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We’ll support you throughout and ensure you get the result you need.

We take a team approach to all legal matters drawing on the expertise of Lane Neave’s national employment and workplace law team. We can provide proven strategies to match all difficulties that can arise in employment.

Our clients range from large businesses to private individuals.

Our clients choose us because of our modern approach to practice – we are not a traditional law firm. We are an ideal fit for those who want agile and available lawyers but who also prefer an informal and practical style of interaction. We are an energetic firm on the rise, and our clients feel this is a match for them.

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