Employment law services for employees

We are experts in advancing all matters that affect employees. We routinely handle unjustified treatment and dismissals.

We can assist and support employees in disciplinary matters. We regularly advocate for the victims of workplace harassment and bullying. We also have the technical knowledge and expertise to identify when an employer is using restructure or redundancy to terminate employees unfairly. Please see our areas of expertise below for more specific examples of how we approach common problems.

For our employee clients 30 -minute in-person telephone discussion or video conference about your case. This allows us to assess the prospects of success. In most circumstances, we can quickly establish the likelihood of success and settlement. In less routine matters, we may need to provide a researched opinion concerning whether your claim will succeed.

We know that employment law problems can cause significant financial concern for employees, given employment problems often leave the employee concerned with uncertainty about their income and future. Usually we can quickly give you a clear picture of whether you should pursue your claim and whether it will be financially viable to do so. We have an excellent strike rate of settling matters for employees that include a contribution to fees from the employer.

Do not let uncertainty about fees drive you into a “no win, no fee” arrangement. In these fee arrangements, a lawyer is allowed to recognise the risk of not getting paid in the final fee they charge. A “no win, no fee” arrangement often means that you end up paying more because you are paying someone to take the risk on your behalf. Most “no win, no fee” lawyers or advocates will be reluctant to take on matters where the employee might lose the claim. In short, the advocate is incentivised to take on matters that have low risk of failure. You might pay more in circumstances where you had very little risk. You may also be limited in your choice of lawyers or advocates as a result of going with a “no win, no fee” arrangement.

Our philosophy is that it is better to be upfront with our clients about prospects of success at the start of matters. We let you know where you stand and put in place a plan and approach to follow that is financially manageable.

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