Performance Management

Managing staff and dealing with under performance or behavioural issues is possibly the most difficult part of being an employer. Bell and Co have many years combined experience in both the human resources and legal aspects of dealing with employee performance management.

We believe that successful businesses are built on the performance of the people in them. Equally, performance issues are very likely to lead to business issues. Contact us to discuss the best way to manage the people in your team.

Performance Appraisals

If doing annual performance appraisals is something that nobody in your team enjoys and you wonder whether there are enough benefits in doing them, we can help create a performance appraisal process that works for your team. A large scale, time consuming performance appraisal process may not be best for you – or even necessary. We can provide tailor-made solutions to fit your organisation and that provide you and your team with the chance to have useful conversations about their performance at work.

Managing Poor Performance

When things aren’t going well with staff it’s a huge drain on the time and energy of managers. We can help by developing processes and providing skills and tools that will help you avoid staff performance issues and the potentially costly impact if things go wrong. We can answer questions such as “when can I invoke the 90-day trial clause?” and “how do I deal with my staff member who doesn’t seem to want to make the changes I need as my business changes?”. Sometimes it’s necessary to have a ‘tough conversation’ so having support to prepare you for that can make all the difference. Our advice will help make sure you get the results you want and also manage any potential risks such as personal grievances.

Disciplinary Processes

If you need to deal with a staff problem that’s about more than just performance – it’s about a possible breach of code of conduct or clauses in your Individual Employment Agreement – it’s important to take all the right steps and to manage it in a timely way. We have the experience to guide you and to put in place processes or policies that may reduce your risk of having to deal with the problem again.

Terminating Employment

There are a number of reasons why an employer may find they need to terminate the employment of one of their staff. This can be a difficult and stressful decision to make. Whether it’s through restructuring and redundancy, performance management or a disciplinary process, we can work with you to provide advice and write the necessary letters or documents. It’s important to prepare well and keep your process as professional and respectful as possible so contact us early in the process to avoid potentially costly errors.

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