Assisting with personal and family law issues

Family law and relationship property issues are extremely sensitive for everyone involved. Whether we are helping our clients navigate through matters of divorce, family law problems, or protection orders, our family lawyers provide a level of care and support that is second to none at a time when they’re feeling most vulnerable.

Family Law ServicesAs family law experts we can give advice when you’re entering into a de facto relationship, marriage or civil union, or if you’re ending that relationship or entering a divorce. We can advise you on relationship property matters, childcare issues and parenting orders; we have expertise in dealing successfully in complex relationship property matters.

We are highly experienced family lawyers and can help you with:

  • Domestic violence and Protection Orders
  • Deceased estates and protecting your family’s interests
  • Issues regarding family trusts
  • Navigation of separation and divorce
  • Negotiation, mediation and settlement conferences
  • Most hearings in the Family and High Courts

Family law issues are always emotional, often stressful and can also be quite contentious. We are here to help you not only find resolution to these issues, but also will give you support throughout this time.

If you’d like to get in contact with one of our family / divorce lawyers, please call us on 04 499 4014 or send us an email from the contact form below.

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