Ensuring your children are looked after

After a separation, couples with children will need to agree on who the children will live with and all the arrangements around their daily lives.

Known formerly as ‘custody’, the ‘day-to-day care’ arrangements for your children must be agreed with your partner. If the children are old enough, their wishes and views can be taken into consideration.

Usually these arrangements are agreed amicably or after some negotiation. If, however, negotiations reach an impasse, we are experienced in drafting Parenting Orders for the Family Court. The interests of your children are foremost in the court’s mind,

Without notice

If you are worried about your children’s safety, whether it be physical safety or psychologically, or your former partner has moved your children to another location without your consent, this needs urgent attention. We can guide you through an application for an urgent ‘without notice’ Parenting Order from the Family Court.

Please call us immediately if this is happening to your children.

On notice

If you are comfortable with the safety of your children but you disagree with the previously agreed parenting arrangements, you can apply to the Family Court ‘on notice’.

This will involve you attending a Parenting through Separation course, and you will also be required to attend a Family Dispute Resolution mediation before the Family Court gets involved.

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