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Talent keeps the bar set high – we’re a growing law firm founded on the values of being progressive, results-driven and building genuine relationships with our clients.

Our people are ambitious but approachable, being a smaller team it truly is a collaborative environment with regular opportunities to work directly with the principal. That also means there’s development and leadership opportunities for those who are looking to step up.

We work hard but also prioritize a genuine work-life balance for our people, as we believe that is critical to wellbeing and performing your best when you are at work.

Current Opportunities

Litigation Lawyer | Full-Time | Wellington, NZ

We’re looking for an experienced litigation lawyer to join our team. Check out our website to find out more about us, but in summary, these are the things that matter to us:

  • building trusted, long-term client relationships
  • providing high quality, great value, advice and service
  • a positive, enjoyable work environment
  • maintaining a genuinely decent work-life balance

We work in a way that is collaborative, authentic, pragmatic, and high trust. Our office is small and open plan so our team is always sharing, debating and learning together.

We offer:

  • meaningful work and ‘ownership’ of clients
  • professional development (including learning a whole new area of law if you don’t have previous employment or family law experience)
  • working directly with the Principle
  • leadership opportunities
  • flexible working (including part-time)

Our priority is to find the person who is right for our team and our firm. Please contact us if you believe this could be you and you have:

  • 3+ years of litigation experience
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Proven client relationship skills
  • Proven ability to work independently

Employee Testimonials


Bell & Co

We love to collaborate and discuss our work with one another at Bell & Co and there is always the perfect balance of challenge and support. I am pushed out of my comfort zone but never to a breaking point. At Bell & Co there is always room to learn and I never feel afraid to make mistakes, feedback is always plentiful. The bigger picture is always painted well by senior staff which means that even mundane tasks have meaning.


Bell & Co

The work-life balance at Bell & Co is great, we work hard, take our work seriously, and don’t need to take our work home with us. The people at Bell & Co are the kind of people you would stop and talk to in the street, honest, authentic people. This has resulted in a tight-knit team and a dynamic and lively environment to work in.
Tamsin Woolf
Grace Courtney

Meet the team

We are highly experienced lawyers who also give the human touch. We listen to you, we consult and then we offer you the best path forward

To talk with any of the Bell & Co team, simply contact us on 04 499 4014 or send us an email.

Why our clients like working with us

  •  Davey Hughes, CEO
    Bell & Co are a great law firm to work with, they are good people who give good advice, and guide me through the process in a way that's personable and easy to understand. It’s their job to protect me as a client and they do it very well, even if that means protecting me from myself! Bell & Co are honest, they have high integrity, and actually see clients as people. With Bell & Co it’s not just the solution you’re paying for, it’s how much stress they are taking away and the reality is, you can’t put a price on that.
    Davey Hughes, CEO
    Swazi Apparel
  • Chris Hovelle
    Working with Bell & Co has been great, they have a solid track record, they’re personable and get things done. They were personally recommended to us as the experts in Wellington for employment law and didn’t disappoint. I had confidence in them from the beginning as they knew everything, and most of it they knew off the top of their head. Personality, profile, approachability, entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability are all things that give Bell & Co a competitive edge over other firms. Bell & Co was bang on the money, they were always available, just a text away, and that’s a rare trait with lawyers.
    Chris Hovelle
    Senior Executive Client
  • Rob Wheeler, General Manager
    I know I get the best possible result every time with Bell & Co. I find lawyers can be very clinical and robotic but Bell & Co provide much more than what you’d expect from a law firm. I really like them as people which makes doing business with them a pleasure. When I first met them I knew they were nice people, then I saw them in action and they were outstanding. Their ability to grasp every detail is amazing, I’ll mention something small and 3 weeks later they bring it up. They’re always available and I have every confidence in what they’re doing. Bell & Co are great value for the level of service they provide. I can be quite a critical person, but I am satisfied with every aspect of the service Bell & Co provide.
    Rob Wheeler, General Manager
    Green Cabs
  • Katharine Williams, General Manager - Services and Operations
    The moment I met the Bell & Co team in person, I knew I’d work with them. In my experience, some lawyers can be difficult to work with, very complex and you don’t always get straight answers. I rely on personal recommendations and Bell & Co were recommended to us while we were going through a restructure. I’m a reactive client but I need to know they’ll be there when I need them, and Bell & Co are. They didn’t come across as your standard law firm, they were matter of fact, to the point and made things understandable, enabling us to make better decisions and resolve things in a more seamless way, I’ve always found them outstanding to work with.
    Katharine Williams, General Manager - Services and Operations
  •  Di Crawford-Errington, President
    Bell & Co have been a very supportive and an amazing team to work with, we just clicked with them. We felt important and knew that our issues were important to them from the start. We are very appreciative of everything they have done and feel lucky that someone in our business network in Wellington recommended them. Even though our insurance company has its own legal firm, we still choose to have Bell & Co as our law partners to support us and provide advice. I know Bell & Co have our backs, I'm really happy with their service and there’s nothing they could do better.
    Di Crawford-Errington, President
    Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers
  • Jeremy Foster
    I couldn’t have been happier working with Bell & Co, they exceeded my expectations. After 18 months of time and money spent with other law firms with little results, it was refreshing to work with Bell & Co and see results after just two months. They responded straight away and helped me interpret the law and understand any issues and risk, they’re unique in the fact they had a plan, were efficient, responsive, and personable throughout the entire process. They went above and beyond and I cannot thank them enough, there is nothing I can think of that they could have done better and I’d definitely recommend them to others.
    Jeremy Foster
    Senior Executive Client

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